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Handmade Happiness

I just wanted to share the love I felt today from the Etsy Handmade Circle team.  For those not in the know, Etsy is a place to sell your handmade stuff.  And teams are groups of people who connect with one another on Etsy.

So I got an email from Ms. Lulu Divine, a new twitter buddy, letting me know that I was selected to be a featured shop, along with Sophie’s Hats, during Handmade Circle’s  April Showers Promotion.  She said folks would be tweeting, pinning, and favoriting my shop all day. And she wasn’t kidding.

She kicked off the promotion with an announcement on her blog.  Couldn’t believe the nice things she said about me.  And from the moment she posted and tweeted, the clicks started rolling in.  Five amazing things happened to me because of this promotion.

First, the idea of all this attention gave me the push I need to finish setting up my facebook fan page.  Of course, I had to make the newbie mistake of linking my fan page to a business profile rather than to my personal profile, but once I got that worked out, everything was cool.  And now I have a fan page to direct folks to!  “Like” me!

Second, this also gave me the push to set up google analytics for the website.  I didn’t realize until last week that I had to do something affirmatively in order to track my website traffic. I figured that with all the work involved in installing a new wordpress theme and making it look halfway decent that it would happen automatically.  Not.  So the google analytics is up and working.  We shall see tomorrow if I did it right.

Third, I got a bunch of new followers on my twitter account.  Even OPI is now following me @QuietTimeQuilts!

Fourth, my products were featured in etsy treasuries today.  That’s when an Etsy member chooses 16 items from the 50 million items on Etsy to feature.  First, Wynnie was in “What Will Spring Bring?” And then Tai was in “It’s a Great Day to be Gray!

And finally, I know this sounds totally crazy, but I had more visits to my etsy shop today than I’ve had in the past 30 days.  And for most of those 30 days, I had been paying for search ads for up to $5/week. (With search ads, you set a weekly budget, and you are charged each time your product shows up on the top of the page when someone searches for certain keywords. They call these “impressions.”)

Anyway, I am a complete convert, I have joined the Handmade Circle Team, and I intend to spread the love throughout the month to the other shops that are featured.

Are you feeling the love from your Etsy team?

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Customer Comments

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful quilt. It is breathtaking. I am so happy. Talia will treasure this and it will be passed down, I hope, for many generations.

We love our quilt and use it all of the time! The fabrics you selected based on our picture match the nursery perfectly.

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